Working your way up the careers ladder

Posted on August 30, 2015 at 8:28 pm

For many people, they simply cannot walk in to the job role they want. Everyone has to start somewhere and often that involves working for a lower salary, long hours or having to travel a far distance to work.

Employers like to find staff that are conscientious and hard working. If you can show them that you are willing to muck in and put pride and effort in to any role you are given you are likely to progress up the career ladder quickly.

I, myself, started working as a cleaning at a car dealership and because they were so impressed with the pride I took in the job, very quickly offered me a job on the reception desk. This then led to a further promotion in to the Sales Administration role which was the job role I had wanted to work in.

It just shows that a little hard work really does go a long way.

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