Employer tips on finding the right employee

Posted on June 17, 2015 at 8:00 pm

Many people get nervous when it comes to attending an interview for a job position but they may not realise that many employers actually get really nervous too. Finding the right employee can be a hard task at times, it may be that you are inundated with CV’s to go through and do not want to miss someone that may be perfect or maybe that you have only a handful none of which stand out as being suitable.

When interviewing a candidate, make sure you have a set questions that you wish to ask already written down and take detailed notes on the interviewee’s responses so you can compare at a later date. If there are any anomalies within their CV such as a crossover of employment or a gap in their work history then do not be afraid to ask.

If you are still not decided after the first interview then why not invite someone back for a second time or even ask them in for a trial session.

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