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Does CV dropping actually work?

Posted on December 30, 2014 at 8:59 pm

Before the days of the internet and social media boom, many jobs were filled by people that had dropped their CV in to a company. Sometimes they may have been stored on file for a number of months before a position came up that the candidate was suitable for.
This was often a long drawn out process, and unless you were lucky enough to drop on a company when they were looking for someone, it was very much of a waiting game.
If you are currently looking for work though you should not rule this out. Many employers still like it when someone takes the time to come round and personally introduce themselves and leave a CV. It also give the candidate the opportunity to talk to the company about why they want to work for them and the skills that they have that they feel may benefit the business. If you are serious about job hunting then it cannot do any harm, so register for all the jobs boards online and upload your CV but why not also pop in to a few companies that you are interested in and leave them your details.

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Looking for a Job in the Beauty Industry

Posted on November 27, 2014 at 8:39 pm

When looking for a job in hair or beauty it really is a case of putting together a comprehensive appealing CV, ensuring that you are dressed smartly with your hair and make-up done to a high standard and visiting the salons in person.

Unlike a lot of roles your appearance in a job in the beauty industry does tend to be scrutinised so it’s important that you present yourself well. The basic fact of the matter is that if you don’t look well groomed then people will think that your treatments may be sub-standard. It may seem shallow but in that industry it’s very important.

It may also be a good idea to have a professional looking picture of yourself on your CV with a beauty uniform on to show that you can look professional and tidy whilst doing your job.

Whilst doing treatments you would be expected to have short tidy nails that are clean and buffed without any bright polish (as this can chip and look messy). If you normally have false nails on, that may be ok for some treatments but could hinder treatments such as massage of facials where you could easily accidentally scratch a client during the treatment.

Once looking your best go into your chosen salon head held high and confident, offer them your CV and explain a little about yourself and ask if they have any positions available. Always stay positive and most importantly SMILE!

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Interview techniques, hints and tips

Posted on October 30, 2014 at 1:17 am

Interviews are normally, for most of us, a nerve wrecking experience. The whole job application process can be a nightmare. It may be that you are extremely well suited to the job, but if you cannot portray that in an interview, you may just lose out on that all important position.
Preparation is key to ensuring you have a good interview. Make sure that you are confident about all the elements on the CV and could explain them in more detail if required to do so.
Make a note of any questions that you want to ask, but always wait until the end as they may answer them for you. Remember that although it is good to ask questions, don’t bombard them with trivial things like “what time is lunch break” as this is sure to put them off.
Remember to always be punctual, polite and professional and be confident in yourself.

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Why its Important to Register with a Supply Teacher Agency

Posted on October 22, 2014 at 6:21 pm

The beginning of a new academic year comes with many teaching job opportunities ready to be filled. If you are seeking to secure a teaching placement in one of your favourite nursery, primary of secondary schools in Hertfordshire, working with a supply teaching agency will give you a good chance to land your dream job. There are many teaching jobs in Hertfordshire which you can easily fill as long as you have the required qualifications but this is not always possible especially if you decide to go alone. However, registering with such a supply agency gives an edge when it comes to job placement since most of these agencies have direct link with schools thus making it possible for you to be considered in case of an opening. (more…)

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Searching for a new job

Posted on August 20, 2014 at 1:34 pm

Searching for a job can be a long process and you may have to take a position that is not your first choice. This may either be due to having to have a financial income or often it can be to gain experience that will assist you to get in to the industry you want to work in.


Where to look for jobs is a question that many people ask. Where are the best jobs advertised and how many avenues should I take in the search process. Ideally you want to be able to look at many types of advertisements to give you the best chance of finding a position that you want. Jobs are advertised online on individual company websites, jobs boards, recruitment agencies and offline in local / national papers, shop windows and magazines. If you are keen to find a new job then you should register with a recruitment agency that will assist you in your search and also help you with CV writing and job interview techniques.

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Where to advertise a job post

Posted on June 30, 2014 at 1:22 pm

Employers have many options on how and where to advertise a job vacancy that they may have. Popular choices are advertising on online jobs boards. May sure you check the fees and the type of coverage you can expect before you add the post to these sites.  A few of them are actually free to post your job on as they make money from advertising or charge the applicants to apply for the position.  Do not forget to advertise the jobs on your own website and also internally as this is normally free or of little cost and often attracts more compatible candidates as they are already interested in your company if they are on your site. Companies also still tend to advertise in their local paper as again this is great for companies wanting to find someone local to apply for the position, especially if the job involves a good knowledge of the local area.

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Knocking on Doors

Posted on June 26, 2014 at 9:03 pm

There are many different ways to apply for a job and if you’ve grown tired of reading through different briefs on recruitment websites then why not go direct to the company.

Many businesses will employ throughout the course of the year, and when companies are aware of you and your talents, they can come to you direct in the future, meaning they don’t have to pay huge amounts in agency fees.

The phrase ‘knocking on doors’ refers to ringing the company, asking if they have any current vacancies, and if not, leaving a CV or something as a reminder of your skills. It could take months for them to contact you, or perhaps they won’t but the more companies you go direct to the better. It shows that you’re motivated and you’re doing your best to get a job, and that’s what companies will want to see.

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Various Kinds of Jobs in Education Sector

Posted on May 16, 2014 at 11:32 am

These days, jobs education is in high demand as there is a lot of accent on offering comprehensive and quality education right from the ground up. Generally, the need for getting more people into schools has, over the years, become more acute in providing them with a better and secures future as well as a gainful employment. More federal opportunities and funding are underway to establish programs, which can benefit many people and also offer ample jobs in education. There are several jobs available in the education sector, which do not need traditional teaching in a classroom. The following is a list of some careers you can pursue if you are aspiring to work in the education sector.

Technology Specialist

The majority of people don’t even think that a school system might need someone with a technology experience or background. However, people who have the necessary qualification and skills in various areas of technology are capable of finding jobs in education sector and in other industries more easily. In some schools, a technology specialist can be called a school computer technician or specialist. These people have the responsibility of teaching other staff and even students on latest educational software. There is a predicted substantial growth under this career in the next few years to come.

Education Administrator

This yet another great job in the education sector that is more sensitive. If you are interested in making sure, the institution runs properly, then becoming an education administrator is ideal for you. In this position, you are responsible for ensuring that the budget is always followed and the curriculum requirements or standards are all met. To become an education administrator, at least you need to obtain a masters’ degree.


If you have a great passion for books, then a career as a school librarian can be good for you. Librarians are usually hired in school systems, federal, and private sectors, but a higher number are employed in schools and universities. In many countries, to start a career as a librarian you need to pass a certification exam. However, in others you need to obtain a degree and pass the certification test in library science.

Special Education Teacher

According to the career experts, special education teaching career is the most sought one after teachers. In order to excel in this position, you must have a lot of patience and being capable of calming your students and teach them at the same time. Because of an increased demand, most people who already have this experience can freely want to work anywhere since getting a job is much easier. To get you started in this career, you need to have a teaching license and a bachelor’s degree. This area is also expected to have high growth.

Lastly, the greatest benefit in these jobs is that there is always something for everyone and opportunities for jobs in education sector are available provided that you have the necessary documents under the position you want to apply. Also remember that education work and teachers job listings varies in requirements and salary based on the state you work in, but there so many opportunities for these jobs everywhere nowadays.

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Using social media to help look for a job

Posted on April 3, 2014 at 11:16 am

Social media has taken off massively over the last few years, with the likes of Twitter and Facebook etc occupying a percentage of our daily lives. So it makes sense to explore this avenue when looking for a new job. It is a good idea to make a list of a few companies that you would like to work for, once you have this, visit their Twitter and Facebook pages (if they have one). You can use this avenue to contact an employer initially to ask if they may have any positions available, but even if you don’t do that it is a great way to see what is currently going on within the company and how they promote themselves.

If you already have an interview with the company then again I would recommend looking through their recent activity over the last few months, as employers tend to like it when people have taken the time to research their company.

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Finding A Relevant Job After Completing Your Degree

Posted on March 18, 2014 at 11:18 am

In the current environment for recent university graduates, finding a job in which your degree is suitable is quite difficult. By choosing certain degrees, you can hugely effect the likelihood of finding a suitable job. With a large portion of university students attending university for courses without direct job opportunities, this is quite a big problem for the country. If you choose to study a course like medieval literature, then the professional opportunities created by that are severely lessened. You may need to take a job which is only loosely related to it. Choosing a degree with a broad subject matter, like a writing course, or mathematics, can greatly increase your chances of finding a job with your degree. You may need to accept a position which doesn’t closely relate to your degree, but you can still gain some benefit from having a degree. One issue with taking a position in an unskilled profession is that the longer you stay out of a relevant position, the less value the degree holds.

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